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LGBTQIA week at Rythmia Life Advancement Center!

I am so thrilled to be teaching at Rythmia for their first-ever LGBTQIA week alongside Spirit Science+ Benjamin W. Decker! 🌈

Workshop Description: Symbols speak to the subconscious mind in ways that activate our senses, emotions, and perception of reality. We see a shape or color, and it automatically speaks to us in a way that transcends language but inspires action.

The yin yang is a potent symbol, which reminds us of the inextricably linked balance of paired opposites. The rainbow of the LGBTQ+ flag automatically evokes the sense of safety, community, inclusivity, and allies. The peace sign is a universal reminder of hope, harmony, and goodwill.

The power of symbols effects (and affects) our everyday life, in ways that many have yet to awaken to. This workshop will empower you to awaken your abilities to cultivate energy towards your intentions, hopes, and greatest dreams by teaching you how to create and activate your very own unique, and deeply personal, sacred symbol.

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