The Woman Untamed

Episode 007: “Join me and Jennifer Sodini, author, public speaker, and the founder of the conscious media platform Evolve and Ascend, for a multi-dimensional conversation covering everything from explant surgery, informed consent, Ancient Egypt, and merging the mystical with the human experience.”

Very Ape

Episode 123: “Jennifer Sodini is an author, public speaker and founder of conscious media platform Evolve & Ascend. She came by for a magical conversation about finding your intuition, psychedelic awakenings, channeling disembodied spirits, conjuring synchronicities and much more. She's very special, one of our new favorite beings. Enjoy!”

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Episode #011

On this edition - Jennifer Sodini is an Occultist, Author and Oracle, who embarked on a journey of a lifetime. A sojourn to Tibet to circle the sacred mountain Kailash.”

- Jim Perry


Third Eye Drops

Episodes #62, 109, 125

Social sageauthor, entrepreneur and oracle card caster, Jennifer Sodini returns to the mind meld to talk divination and stoke Michael’s wonder.”

- Michael Phillip 


Cory Allen’s The Astral Hustle

Episode #84

“I’m joined on The Astral Hustle by Jennifer Sodini! We talk about the path that led Jenn to create Evolve and Ascend, the inevitable missteps one encounters when breaking the ego, and why laughter is one of the highest states of consciousness.”

- Cory Allen



Episode #88

“Creatrix extraordinaire Jennifer Sodini stops by Synchronicity to discuss her recent trip to Rythmia in Costa Rica, cosmic consciousness, the importance of forgiveness and the holy power of love.”

- Noah Lampert

The Divine Movement Podcast with DJ Gina Turner and Tim Rothschild

Episode #15

“In the latest installment of The Divine Movement Podcast, Jennifer Sodini joins Gina and Tim to 'Nice It' and discuss all things relating to the 'Ween...Halloween that is. Laughs, mischief, scary stories, FMK, dream downloads and DMT tales abound. Get spooky with us...or go to Mars. ;)”

- The Divine Movement

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The Ellie Aaron Hour

Episode #55

“Jennifer Sodini is a creative and resourceful conscious media entrepreneur and instant soul sister. It was an absolute pleasure to have her on the show.  

She's the founder of 
Evolve and Ascend, a media platform dedicated to inspiring conscious evolution. 

She is currently working on a book, as well as a soon to be announced oracle card deck in collaboration with the talented illustrator 
Natalee Miller.”

- Ellie Aaron

Ascend Podcast

Episode #72

“We delve deep in to the cosmic work of Jennifer Sodini, where we discuss cosmic networks, and how they hold relevance to us, the power of a universal living mind. And we discuss in depth on what our thoughts are made of, so stay tuned for this power house of an episode.” - Ascend Podcast


Michael Donovan’s Walking Home

Episode #122

“Jennifer of EvolveAndAscend.com has been a psychic medium since she was a child. We discuss what a psychic is and isn't, living with psychic powers, the importance of imagination, oracle cards, inner work, higher guidance, reclaiming our power, and more. We also explore the fun and the weird: reptilians, artificial intelligence, government conspiracies and similar topics.”

- Michael Donovan

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Amenti Oracle Sells to Running Press

“Jennifer Sodini, founder of media platform Evolve and Ascend, which reaches a weekly audience in the millions, has just sold her first oracle deck and guidebook to Shannon Connors Fabricant at Running Press. Entitled The Amenti Oracle, and illustrated by Natalee Miller, this box set offers ancient wisdom for modern times. Available Spring 2019.”