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3 Easy Ways to Expand Your Intuition

If you’ve ever walked into a room and felt the energy of the people in it, had a dream that manifested itself in your reality, experienced deja vu, or just knew something was wrong – it doesn’t necessarily mean there is anything mystical about these experiences. If all time is happening at once, perhaps what is happening is just a remembering of an encounter, or experience that has already happened...

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A Sacred Ritual to Connect to the Sun and Appreciate the Moon

When you deliberately start your day with an intention, and spend a few moments focusing your attention on the good you would like to see made manifest in the world, you then begin to allow. Allowing is key when you say a prayer, make a wish, or set an intention…because once you declare your hope, you must allow the “balloon” you’re creating to be inflated with belief, not deflated with fear.

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