Wellness Force Podcast Episode #265:

“When our intuition comes up, sometimes it can be conflicting. Is this my intuition or is this a judgment from my ego? But the heart is the greatest barometer for helping to guide you because when something is true, you feel it and you know it.” 

I absolutely loved having the opportunity to join my friend Josh Trent on the Wellness Force podcast for Episode #265!

On this episode we discuss the ever-unfolding bandwidth of consciousness, what practical spirituality is, and how you can take your well-being in the modern age to a whole new level.

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Show notes from Wellness Force:

Listen To Episode 265 As Jennifer Sodini Uncovers:

  • How Rythmia and plant medicine came into both her and Josh's life.

  • Why she sees the divine feminine as the right hemisphere of the brain and how we can reactivate it.

  • How she came across the idea of the name, of her consciousness media platform, ‘Evolve and Ascend' plus what the words personally mean to her.

  • The fear many people faced in 2012 when they believed that the world was going to end according to the Mayan calendar and why it was actually a revelation of truth for us instead.

  • The incredible influence her grandmother had on her upbringing and being a free-thinker.

  • What practical spirituality is in our modern world and how it can benefit others who are seeking help and guidance.

  • How she views her role today in conscious media as a writer and speaker.

  • What steps you can take to teach without being this loud voice.

  • Her upcoming Well-Being In The Modern Age (WITMA) Live event on April 20th in Los Angeles and what you can expect to learn from it.

  • Steps we can take to learn the skillset of forgiveness.

  • Why forgiveness has been one of the most profound learning experiences in her own life.

  • How she stays true to herself through her inner guidance system.

  • Our attitudes towards mass media in the past versus now and why we distrust it so much.

  • Why she decided to let go of and remove her breast implants for the sake of her health and wellness journey progress.

  • The importance of practicing radical authenticity even if it might trigger people negatively.

  • What tools she uses every day on her wellness journey to evolve and ascend.

  • The differences in using Oracle vs. Tarot cards

  • Her process of exploring different emotions including anger.

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