Unlock Your Intuition at Rythmia Life Advancement Center This August!


Join me for the ULTIMATE transformation vacation at Rythmia!

From August 11 - 18th (2019), I will be hosting my "Unlocking Your Intuition" workshop at #Rythmia in Costa Rica. This workshop aims to teach students that it is our birth-rite to be intuitive by exploring the mystery of the pineal gland in relation to ancient knowledge and discuss the role that intuition plays in experiencing a mystical reality.

Your 7 (or 14-night journey) includes Michael Bernard Beckwith's “The Answer Is You” Life Transformation Program, yoga, Gerard Armond Powell's "About Your Miracle", farm-to-table organic locally-grown food (prepared fresh daily), fresh juices, licensed psychological counselors, licensed naturopathic assistance, massage, day spa, Costa Rican volcanic mud baths, "The Dead Sea Cleanse", colon hydrotherapy, meditation, beaches, bicycling and more.

Learn more at: rythmia.link/sodinievent or call +1-866-815-0564 to join us!