UPDATE: Two Weeks Post Explant Surgery

My breast implant removal surgery (“explant” / “en bloc capsulectomy”) was a huge success.
I woke up from surgery, and was able to breathe deeper than I have in years. My heart feels open, and a huge weight has been taken off my chest - literally.

Night after surgery 3/9/2019

Night after surgery 3/9/2019

My brain fog was immediately GONE, my skin began to glow again, and the bags under my eyes are disappearing day by day, I feel noticeably less inflamed, and I know in my heart I’ve made the best decision for my body, mind and spirit.

I can’t thank my doctor, @drlujeanfeng and her staff of angels enough. And, my dear @richiebrowntown has been the best care taker I could ever ask for.

I’m grateful, I’m healing, I’m finally getting back to the new old me, and I couldn’t be happier.


Today I’m 14 days post #explant and I cannot even begin to explain the changes that have occurred since surgery with my angel doctor @drlujeanfeng ❤️ I feel like a completely new person, and my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for the health, vitality, and deep healing my body has been reclaiming and connecting to.

Some key changes that have occurred since #explantsurgery :
- I’ve lost 8 pounds of inflammation
- Fatigue/brain fog is GONE, and so is my need for copious amounts of caffeine - Bags under my eyes are gone
- My skin is clearer than it’s been in years
- Early morning *excruciating* headaches that would last all day are GONE
- Constant feelings of dread/impending doom have lifted
- I can inhale and exhale deeper than I’ve EVER been able to
- Substantially less hair is falling out when I shower
- Night sweats, and metallic taste in my mouth (and body odor) are GONE
Things that are still a work in progress...
- Digestion problems
- Low libido
- Difficulty falling (and staying) asleep

All in all, I haven’t felt this good in years, and while my body is still in the process of recovery and detox - I couldn’t be happier to be on the lighter side.

The heal is real, and this smile/feeling is absolutely priceless. ❤️

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