UPDATE: Three Weeks Post Explant Surgery

Its now been a little over 3 weeks since my #explantsurgery and I can’t believe the changes that have happened since getting an #enbloccapsulectomy with @drlujeanfeng 😭

Every day I wake up feeling better than the next, my symptoms of #breastimplantillness are almost all gone. I still have poor digestion problems, and trouble sleeping through the night, but that will take some time to heal. The crippling headaches and brain fog have all but disappeared. No more dark circles under my eyes (even with insomnia, which is insane)!

Today was the first day I was able to shampoo my hair without massive amounts of hair falling out in the shower, and I can now see new baby hairs starting to grow in the areas where it was thinning (crazy to believe that was even happening as I have such thick hair - even with it falling out in clumps). I am still healing and regaining strength, and doing my due diligence to detox...but, one of the biggest surprises in the journey so far has been now FAST my body is changing, and how my energy levels are getting back to what they used to be (actually even better than before).

I am also pleasantly surprised with how my breasts look...scars and all...they are beautiful. They are natural. I am all me again.

I cannot thank @fengclinic and @crystalhefner and all of the #BII advocates enough for helping save my life and allowing me to get my health back. The heal is REAL, and I am so grateful for each new day. The horizon is beautiful, and thanks to the warrior women in the @breast_implant_illness community - awareness is being spread and karma is on its way to the FDA. Informed consent must be the new normal when it comes to elective surgery, and the more we all speak up on the true repercussions of breast implants (“devices”) - the more change can continue to occur.


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