Mind Meld 109 on Third Eye Drops: "Invoking the Oracle"


I recently joined my good friend and co-creative-collaborator, Michael Phillip, on his podcast, Third Eye Drops, to discuss divination, Edgar Cayce, oracle cards, AMENTI, Laurel vs. Yanny (it's absolutely Laurel BTW), cryptocurrency and more.

It's always a blast having a cosmic giggle with a good friend, and I hope you enjoy our chat as much as I enjoyed being on the show.

Learn more about Michael's work by visiting Third Eye Drops + if you like what you hear, do him a solid and check out his Patreon - where you can become a patron and get exclusive rewards/content.

PS: Pardon my dog, Misha, who decided to make himself very vocal at the beginning of the show - that soon subsides once I switch rooms.