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The Spiritual Lessons Within The NeverEnding Story

We are brought to this planet to walk a path that is equally filled with joy as it is with obstacle, and the journey is long, mysterious, and quite difficult at times. Our only real weapon in the “fight” through life is our hearts/minds which serve as our ultimate navigator. We must trudge through the moments in life that want to drag us down into the dark abyss of sadness, and not allow fear to let us suffer, suffocate, or succumb.

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Learning the Language of the Law of Attraction

Your “frequency” is what you frequently see. If you stop, look, listen, and pay attention to synchronicities that happen in your life, you’ll come to find that there are valuable lessons to be learned in this repetition of your reality. Every person, place, and experience can be viewed as a direct mirror of the thought “vibration” you are emitting – so if there are situations that occur often, and certain personality types you encounter often, the best thing to do is to look within and assess what type of thoughts may have attracted these occurrences.

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Why the POWERFUL Full Moon/Super Moon on December 13th, 2016 is a Portal to New Potential

Spiritually speaking, in looking at the moon and celestial events as an allegory for the journey of the human soul – the moon and the stars are behaving in ways that we can simultaneously admire andobserve. To conquer darkness, we must shine our brightest, and to overcome adversity we must join the “dance” of chaos and find our place amongst the stars.

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