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5 Ways Psychedelics Are Saving Lives

In culture’s sub-current there has been a deviation from Western medicine, and what is deemed the “norm”, as an emergence of interest in studying the effects of psychedelic medicines has gained both momentum in interest, and in solid scientific research/results (see: The Therapeutic Potentials of Ayahuasca). When used properly in the right set and setting, are saving lives and allowing a new perception of healing from the inside out.

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How DMT May be Related to Psychic Phenomena

If you’ve ever experienced moments of deja vu, prophetic dreams, or extremely powerful moments of intuition, understanding your ‘glimpses into the future’ or ‘memories from the past’ may be somewhat perplexing. For those who are not spiritually inclined, the general opinion may be that these experiences are just part of the random chaos of the universe, but for others on the more spiritual side of the spectrum, the school of thought may be that out of this “chaos” there is order. But, what if (beyond opinion) science could prove the validity of the prophetic state, and we could have data to back up just why we receive these messages that seem to be beyond ourselves?

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