Synchronicity or Coincidence?

Time is an interesting illusion. A malleable construct that seems to bend with the intention of what you're consciously (or unconsciously) calling in to your experience.

My thoughts (and intentions) over the past few months have been relating to my own existence, and trying to find meaning in what I had begun to feel was meaningless, as my own inner nihilist started to take hold.

“Coincidences give you opportunities to look more deeply into your existence.” ― Doug Dillon

Life subsequently sent out an echo back, rippling out synchronicity through dreams, encounters, and the perfect reading material (as referenced in this photo) that have reignited my perspective on what "meaning" really "means"...waking me up from my own amnesia, reconnecting me to the ever-present magic that never went away.

The meaning of synchronicity is subjective to our individual reality, but to me, the synchronous ripples that have come forward from reading these four books, have been nothing short of a precious gift from the universe. 

Links to each book:

The Lost Art of Resurrection by Freddy Silva

The Psychedelic Gospels by Jerry B. Brown, Ph.D., and Julie Brown, M.A.

A Traveler's Guide to the Afterlife by Mark Mirabello, Ph.D.

WHATIS A Near Death Experience by Dr. Penny Sartori

Listen to my interview with Jerry B. Brown, Ph.D, co-author of The Psychedelic Gospels below!