The Radio Amenti Podcast Debuts on October 10th, 2019


I am thrilled to announce that I will be launching a new podcast called Radio Amenti on October 10th, 2019!

Radio Amenti intends to be a conversation amongst friends and colleagues, as opposed to the typical interview format. It will be syndicated through the popular, and highly-intentionally curated, MindPod Network, founded by my dear friend Noah Lampert, who is the host of the Synchronicity podcast.

I previously hosted a podcast called Liberation Frequency, which was supported through Evolve and Ascend, but I’ve closed the chapter on that program, and look forward to a new evolution in dialogue and storytelling.

“Welcome to Radio Amenti…

Embracing the eternal now.

Where minds and timelines merge.

Inspiring synchronicity…

Awakening potential…

and making sense of change.”

Words by Jennifer Sodini


The podcast introduction was produced in collaboration with my talented friend Mike Costaney, who (according to his Spotify bio) is a “Musician, producer, and 1/2 of Baba Sonya. Lowbrow pepper eater.”

Upcoming guests include…

For more updates pertaining to launch, please be sure to follow Radio Amenti on Instagram and subscribe to our SoundCloud channel below!

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