Tarot Card Reading for the Week (2/18 - 2/25)

In Hatha Yoga, the term for "body/energy locks", is called "bandha". Meaning “to bind,” “hold captive,” or “contract”, engaging these centers of energy helps to harness prana (life-force energy), and activate higher levels of consciousness.

The three main bandhas are the Mula (root lock), Uddiyana (abdominal lock), and Jalandhara (throat lock), and when all three bandhas are engaged/activated, they have transformed into the maha bandhas ("the great seals").

Our Instagram poll voted for this week's theme to connect to the body, so as we look to the cards for insight and awareness, we connect our mind to our body and our body to our mind as we query the following prompts, which find inspiration in the bandhas. 

The Three Bandas’ Oracle Card Spread of the Week


1) How may I direct my awareness to further unlock the Mula (root lock) bandha, and bring more grounding/stability into my life?: 

As you pull your card, connect to the base of your spine, the perineum, and see which energies come to the surface. Do you feel unsafe, insecure, unbalanced? What are the primary emotions at the forefront of your feelings? Feel the feelings, and see how they may be transmuted or transformed through the card you've chosen.

2) How may I direct my awareness to further unlock the Uddiyana (abdominal lock) bandha, and the ability to digest my reality, so I may connect deeper to willpower, and self-esteem?:

As you pull your card, connect to your solar plexus, the space near the third chakra (Manipura), and begin to feel which energies are present. Are you trusting your own instincts/intuition or are you letting your own judgment be clouded by the judgment of others? Are you taking reality with a grain of salt, or are you fatigued by the pollution of a toxic paradigm? Look at the card that's pulled and see how the lesson presented may be synthesized with a deeper connection to your gut instincts and a release of the energies that are locking flow from your life.

3) How may I direct my awareness to further unlock the Jalandhara (throat lock) bandha, and the ability to speak my truth with effortless ease?

As you pull this third card, connect to your throat. Bring your chin to your chest, take three deep inhales and exhales, and see which emotions surface with your awareness of this energy center. How does the card pulled relate to how you're currently feeling? How can the lesson allow you to express your authentic opinion in such a way that your words flow in harmony with truth, and your tone and intention are felt with deep resonance by those you are in communication with. 

Tarot Card Reading for the Week (2/11 - 2/18)

New Art Tarot by J.A. Knapp and Manly P. Hall

New Art Tarot by J.A. Knapp and Manly P. Hall

Originally released in 1929, this deck by J.A. Knapp and Manly P. Hall, is one-of-a-kind. Using alchemical, numerological and mystical elements - I purchased this beautiful creation last year while attending an art opening at The University of Philosophical Research. As per the Instagram Poll results, this is the deck used for the collective reading using the Amenti Oracle Spread of the Week - and the resulting reading/interpretation is below!

Page of Coins, Six of Cups (Reversed), and Ace of Coins

Page of Coins, Six of Cups (Reversed), and Ace of Coins

1)  Page of Coins :


This first card, in relationship to the query, reminds us to connect deeper to what it is we are truly looking to manifest in our lives, and where the root of that desire comes from. The Latin phrase, "quod me nutrit, me destruit" is an important reminder when it comes to wants, desires, wishes, and dreams - as its axiom translates to "what nourishes me, also destroys me". Oftentimes, when what we wish for materializes from a space of lack/insecurity/feeling unsafe - the lesson at hand can be wind up being something that chains us to our fears, instead of liberating us into freedom. Ephemeral satiation in exchange for what may wind up becoming a detrimental life-lesson. Currency is a current of energy, which best flows from a space that is grounded, and secure. Invest your time in the things that bring value to your life, direct your energetic currents to experiences (and relationships) that cultivate merit, and stability will stabilize as you connect deeper to your worth. 

2) 6 of Cups Reversed:


Sense of self can sometimes meander in ebbs and flows of confidence and inner conflict. Presence in the present allows us to connect to the moment, the eternal now, but when we cling to the past or remain entwined in a storyline that's not ours, to begin with - we lose sight of creative potential, as we are stuck in the static of the "what if" timelines of our lives. To connect deeper to your will-power, and self-esteem, remember that you are the architect and builder of your reality, which is always as malleable as your mind is willing to allow. The imagination is the space for infinite iterations of potential. Let go, and stop rewinding the mind's memory movies, time to play, and create a masterpiece.

3) Ace of Coins:


As you speak, you create. As you wish, so you will. As above, so below. As within, so without. As the universe, so the soul...and so on and so forth. Joseph Chilton Pearce once wrote that "mans mind mirrors a universe that mirrors mans mind", and if the mind is the mirror, the music of our words is what allows the harmony of our reflection to reverberate forward to all we speak to, and through. The Ace of Coins is a powerful card, relating to abundance, opportunity and crowning moments on your journey into your own lightness of being, becoming the star you are in every sense of the word. To mine for your greatest gold, one must remember to align your speech with your heart, your heart with your mind, as your heart, mind, and intuition remain rooted with the preciousness of the Earth. Words spoken from an embodied body (heart and mind), are refined and reiterated through the sweet nectar of experience faster than the speed of sound, enveloped in your lightness of being.  

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