Oracle Card Reading for the Week (3/5 - 3/12)

The Instagram votes are in, and the deck I will use for this week's collective reading using the Amenti Oracle Spread of the Week is the Brown Magick Oracle by Richie Brown .

This deck is very special to me, as it is loosely based on my grandmother's mysterious oracle card deck that I originally learned divination on, and is also tied to a series of tarot experiments Richie and I did together a few years ago. 

The intention during this reading was for a message for everyone, but the cards that fell hit especially close to home. How did the reading resonate for you? Comment and feel free to share your thoughts! xo 


Oracle Card Reading for the Week (3/5 - 3/12)

Card 1: How can I best forgive myself for the past?

The devil (not to be confused with Satan) as an entity is something that is universally feared and misunderstood. In the classic Rider-Waite deck, we typically see the large Devil on its throne, two humans at its feet, with chains loosely sitting on their necks. At first glance one may assume that the humans are prisoners, unable to escape, but upon further examination, we see that the chains can easily be taken off at will - however, they are choosing to remain tethered to fear. The devil, as an archetype, is the embodiment of our fears, limiting beliefs, trauma, lack, and ego-based behavior. With this card being presented as the answer to the query, the lesson here is to forgive the moments when ego took the wheel, its time to re-route and remember the path to awakening is best directed when you listen to your heart. Even demons need love too, so shine a light on your darkness with love and compassion.

Card 2: How can I currently forgive myself in the present moment?

The alien card represents alienation and how self-imposed isolation isn't always the healthiest choice. Are you currently alienating yourself from friends and loved ones, because you're having a hard time and feeling all alone in the world? You're not the only one! You never are! Whatever experience, situation, or life-event that may have set you back is but one chapter in your book of life. Try not to be too hard on yourself! By removing yourself from the world, you are losing precious opportunities to connect, create, and meet new minds and souls who may spark a new light into your life, or kindle the fires of inspiration. This is a gentle reminder to curtail hermetic behavior, and make the terrestrial a little more extra, by coming out of hiding, and being your unique, and beautiful self.

Card 3: How may I retain a forgiving heart, mind, and spirit in the future?

The sun rises and sets day after day. Cycles of light feed life, and shower creation with radiant loving warmth. Although the sun shall one day die, in this precious time now we are blessed to receive this daily delicate balance so life can continue to evolve. This card is a potent reminder of what the sun (as a metaphor) asks us to embody. The sun shines, gives light, and warmth, and asks for nothing in return. Understanding the sun's Kali-like energies of creation and destruction,  we must remember to create (and live) without attachment and to destroy beliefs (and behavior) that make us believe that we "own" or are entitled to anything. Entitlement and attachment are dangerous, and myopic, frames of vision. Everything is an ephemeral experience, and there is no permanence. Remember this, and your heart will radiate forever in the now, free of suffering.

Card 4: What do I need to remember when I am too hard on myself? 

The final card is a form that is feminine in nature (beyond "gender", think energy) and is looking to the left. As an answer to the query, we are reminded to look towards our heart and to embody the softness that is within the feminine energetic expression of life. Remember to practice self-care, to be gentle, to listen to your intuition, and be loving, compassionate, and kind. You, and every human being on this entire planet, were once a baby, and that pure energy still exists within you, and within EVERYONE. Would you speak to a child the way you speak to yourself? Would you treat a child the way you're currently treating yourself? Connect to your heart, and remember that beyond the hand you were dealt in this life, your true essence is still that of a child. Dial in to that pure space, with loving awareness, any time you need a reminder of who you truly are, and have always been.

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