Holographic Wisdom From Lake Manasarovar

On the way to Mount Kailash (this summer, 2018), my fellow travelers and I spent an evening in a mud hut on Lake Manasarovar, which is a sacred pilgrimage for members of the Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Bon faiths.

In Sanskrit "Manasarovar" (मानसरोवर) is the combination of two Sanskrit words; "Mánas" (मानस) meaning "mind (in its widest sense as applied to all the mental powers), intellect, intelligence, understanding, perception, sense, conscience", and "sarovara" (सरोवर) means "a lake or large pond."

According to Hinduism, Lord Brahma first created this lake in his mind, and afterwards, it materialized on Earth. These sacred waters are believed to be the personification of purity, and if you drink of the lake - you are cleansed of all sins over the course of hundreds of lifetimes, and you will enter the abode of Shiva after death.

The night we spent in the mud hut was an emotional one for me. After my travel companions went to sleep, I sat outside for hours, crying hysterically, watching lightning storms over the lake, contemplating life, contemplating death. A purge of overwhelm, as I reflected on my own sins, feeling unworthy for the present, questioning the future, and begging to be cleansed from the past so I could start over...forgiven, clean, and new.

The next morning I woke up and was greeted by the little girl in this photo, who was one of the daughters of our mud hut hosts. She did not speak English but was all smiles, our universal language. I gifted her the hologram-colored purse she's holding (which I had been using for sundries), and the joy it brought her made my heart feel so full. A simple exchange, but a profound moment.

To be seen through the eyes of a child, and to see with the eyes of a child, we can purify the mind of the darkness we've been conditioned to highlight, attach to, and harp on. This little girl was a holographic manifestation (hologram purse and all) at the most perfect moment in the trip...light into an image, an image to remind me of light...the true essence of every living being (even those who are working through denser karmic patterns and material obscurations).

The mind is an infinite ocean, and the waters are not always calm. Ebb and flow, mistake and lesson, cause and effect, each paired opposite have a reason for its movement - and as the movements move you, seek peace in the process.

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