Blockchain & The Evolution of Consciousness on Future Fossils with Michael Garfield & Michael Phillip


In this podcast I chat with Michael Garfield (Future Fossils) and Michael Phillip (Third Eye Drops Podcast) about blockchain technology, the evolution of consciousness, and a new project I am the co-founder of (along with Michael Phillip, and Noah Lampert), called Cryptoseer, which explores the intersection of these two powerful topics 

As Michael Garfield put it so eloquently:

"Everything we took for granted is about to change…beyond Bitcoin and quick riches, there’s a new planetary culture based on the scalability of trust. This podcast explores what that means for you – and why so many of your friends think that this new evolution of digital money and contracts is one of the most important events of our lives."

Listen to our conversation by clicking here.

This dialogue was inspiring, insightful and absolutely enlightening. I am absolutely passionate about the implications of this technology and how it will effect our world, and will be doing my best to use creativity as the medium by which we can all learn, grow and evolve our understanding of cryptocurrency. 

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