Episode 0 of the Radio Amenti Podcast: The Why Inside


I’ve told my story more times than I can count...

On podcasts, in interviews, to friends, and those who know the “real me.”

Each iteration of my personal mythos contains the overarching theme of healing, faith, survival, synchronicity, high-strangeness, and remembering that we are love.

But, I’ve never really sat down and told the story unedited until now.

I am launching a new podcast, Radio Amenti, on October 10th, 2019, but before officially launch I decided to do an experimental Episode 0 “audio documentary”, where I tell my story, fully, wholly, candidly and raw.

It’s so hard to minimize or reduce 34-years of experience into one hour, but I tried my best to share what felt most useful in my very-personal initiation story, and what I am affectionately calling “The Why Inside.”

My greatest hope is that this transmission illuminates your spirit, tickles your imagination, and inspires you to realize that anything is possible when you follow your heart, listen to your dreams, and stay strong in the face of adversity.