EPISODE 007 of The Woman Untamed Podcast: Ancient Egypt, Plant Medicine, & Breast Implant Illness

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It was absolutely delightful to join the awe-inspiring Robin Lee on her new podcast, Woman Untamed.

Robin has been a long-time sister, and ally on the path and her work + wisdom is truly rooted in the heart space. 

In this episode we discuss...

+ Breast Implant Illness, and my recent experience with explant surgery and how it mimicked a plant medicine journey.

+ The truth about breast implant complications and why women need to reexamine and stand up for their right to informed consent.

+ My connection to plant medicine and what it has awakened on my path.

+ Ancient Egypt and my devotion to making esoteric concepts digestible to the modern world.

Tune in (and subscribe): http://bit.ly/womanuntamed007