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Holographic Wisdom From Lake Manasarovar

According to Hinduism, Lord Brahma first created this lake in his mind, and afterwards, it materialized on Earth. These sacred waters are believed to be the personification of purity, and if you drink of the lake - you are cleansed of all sins over the course of hundreds of lifetimes, and you will enter the abode of Shiva after death.

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Finding Order in Chaos

I feel now, more than ever, the text below is of value – and I hope the words resonate with each of you. We are living amidst chaos, and looking for order, even through the density we all feel no matter where we stand politically, or spiritually.

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The Spiritual Lessons Within The NeverEnding Story

We are brought to this planet to walk a path that is equally filled with joy as it is with obstacle, and the journey is long, mysterious, and quite difficult at times. Our only real weapon in the “fight” through life is our hearts/minds which serve as our ultimate navigator. We must trudge through the moments in life that want to drag us down into the dark abyss of sadness, and not allow fear to let us suffer, suffocate, or succumb.

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Learning the Language of the Law of Attraction

Your “frequency” is what you frequently see. If you stop, look, listen, and pay attention to synchronicities that happen in your life, you’ll come to find that there are valuable lessons to be learned in this repetition of your reality. Every person, place, and experience can be viewed as a direct mirror of the thought “vibration” you are emitting – so if there are situations that occur often, and certain personality types you encounter often, the best thing to do is to look within and assess what type of thoughts may have attracted these occurrences.

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Warrior > Worrier

Often in life we are dealt blows that sometimes seem so devastating you aren't sure how to recover. While suffering is something we will all go through at one point or another during the course of our life, how we choose to move forward from the contrast we experience is what ultimately makes us stronger people.

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"The Epic of Gilgamesh": Lessons of Letting Go

Letting go is one of the most important tools we can keep in our spiritual "tool box" of life. When you fully accept that "there is no permanence" and every situation, emotion, memory, and person that comes into your life is there for only an allotted amount of time, it allows us to remember to stay present, and focus on the here and now. By clinging to the past you aren't allowing yourself to be present, and by worrying about the future, aren't allowing yourself to be in your full present presence. Unfortunately in life, no matter how much we wish for forever, forever does not exist. All that exists is now.

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