Aura-Scope for April 2017

On the first of every month, I will now be doing "Aura-Scopes" to give an overall forecast for the next 28 days. 

Combining tarot, oracle cards, and meditative channeled wisdom - the insight is to serve as a reflective guide to navigate the spiritual energies ahead.

Aura-Scope for April 2017

March gave us an opportunity to reunite with love, by healing what was once broken and finding forgiveness for the past - this energetic evolution was a catalyst to this moment now, where we will be finding ourselves "springing forward" into a place of attainment. 

The forecast for April, spiritually, is a time where balance is attained through the unificiation of opposites. Wisdom is seeing the light in the darkness, and appreciating the shadow that light casts in our material world.

Our shadow is a great teacher, because it reveals to us what was once hidden deep within our subconscious mind, and through acknowledging the darkness that is latent - we can walk with it, aware. However, an unbalanced mind can be like an "abortive sun" - be careful not to shine so bright that you blind, nor revel in the darkness so much that you become invisible. Keep your heart as light as feather, and be a star in the evening sky.

Advice for the next 28 days is to stretch outside of your comfort zone, and gain new insight through experience. Do at least one thing to challenge yourself, go to a random Meetup or event, try a new workout (or class), pick up a book that you may not have otherwise read, strike up a conversation with a stranger.

We grow when we are stretched, we evolve when we expand our minds/bodies/spirit. Get ever present in your own evolution by harnessing the power of now, and following synchronicity.

Advice in the form of opposition during this time is to try your best to become immediately aware of negative thinking patterns, and be resolute in acknowleding whatever "unsavory" thoughts that may bubble up. Thoughts create things, and your consciousness constructs the blueprint for your reality. Your living language is manifested through the messages of the mind, which communicate the vibration that echos through your life. 

Overall advice from the cards for April 1st, 2017 to May 1st, 2017:

Remember, then, son of earth, that before saying of a man that he is fortunate or un- fortunate, thou must know the use to which he has put his will; for every man creates his life in the image of his works. The genius of good is at thy right and the genius of evil at thy left. Their voice can be heard only by the conscience. If the Hierophant should appear in the prophetic signs of thy horoscope, retire into the sanctuary of thy heart, listen to the voice of the silence, and guided by it, thou wilt reach the goal of thy aspirations. 


Channeled Words of Wisdom:

"Love is the great architect."

The joy you create in your reality all comes from the point of light that radiates from your heart. To keep this light burning bright, think thoughts that make you feel like you are a child again. 

Fear holds weight, love is weightless.

Wait less for what you desire by releasing fear, and radiating love.