RECAP! Amenti Oracle: Feather Heart Deck and Guidebook Launch Party at Chinatown Soup

On Friday, May 17th, 2019, we had our Amenti Oracle: Feather Heart Deck and Guidebook launch party at the lovely Chinatown Soup.

DJ Taraka (Prince Rama) wove together a sonic tapestry, using our oracle cards as the prompts for the soundscapes she curated. We knew the evening was filled with magic, during a moment when Natalee Miller (Amenti Oracle’s illustrator) and I connected over a David Bowie synchronicity, while Magic Dance from Labyrinth played.

Jim Clark, chairman of The World Technology Network, opened the space for creativity, reading and reciting a gorgeous poem on the nature of time. Dr. Nitin Ron, neonatologist and INK Talks speaker, lead us through a talk on compassion, and a gorgeous meditation to open up to the space of loving awareness.

I was reduced to tears when Natalee and I had our time to share what Amenti means to us, and how beautiful, guided, and sacred the journey of creating this project has been.

I feel so honored to be a custodian of Ma’at’s universal wisdom, and this evening was a shimmering of potential - a glimpse into a future that I would not only like to be a part of, but would be happy to continue to co-create.

The phrase “Harmony does not mean Homogeny” adorned the welcome sign to our celebration, and I can’t think of a better statement to encapsulate what this evening, and this movement truly is about.

With so much love,


All photos are by Maria Nova