Oracle Card Reading for the Week (2/11 - 2/18)

In a (mostly) unanimous decision in an Instagram poll for the cards to use for this week’s #AmentiOracle spread, I've done a reading for the collective using my grandmother’s oracle cards for our "Love as the Fifth Element" template (swipe through gallery below to see).

With an intention for resonance with whoever finds this reading, the answers presented in the cards can be viewed as prompts to find deeper presence this week.

Card 1: "What do I need in order to stay grounded, and connected to the Earth?"

The card shown here relates to creativity and the arts. So, in order to ground, and find a deeper connection to the material plane, it may be suggested that anchoring in a creative practice could allow a bridge from Heaven to Earth as a way to materialize spiritual expression through art and creation. 

Card 2: "What do I need to remember in order to remain connected to my breath, allowing the ever-present energies of Air to envelop my emotions when I feel disconnected from love?"

The snake, being upside down, represents allowing the past to constrict you from moving forward. Essentially, not allowing you to breathe fully, and deeply in the present, as you're constricted by a construct of a time that no longer exists. When feeling disconnected from love, look to what it is you're currently attaching to, and exhale any energy that feels stale. Deeply inhale this moment now, and allow new potential to be called into your experience, free of attachment to what was.

Card 3: "What should I ignite more of in my life, in order to feed the Fire of my deepest desires?"

The life-preserver card presenting itself in this space offers an interesting response to the query. As it is upside down, especially, the meaning takes significance in the notion that in order to feed the fire of your deepest desires, you must take a long, hard look at what's in your life that's keeping you in a space where you're treading water, and waiting to be saved. The only person that's going to save you, is you. Prince (or Princess) Charming is out there to complement your existence, not to complete you - and if you keep waiting, you may eventually drown in the watery abyss of less-than-ideal subconscious desires. Hell, even in Titanic, Jack held on a bit too long, and died in the cold water when he could have easily shared that board with Rose, and survived by keeping each other warm. But, I digress. Ignite the things that make YOU happiest, and stop preserving things that make you feel stagnant or feed a need to be "saved" by someone other than yourself. 

Card 4: "How can I remain fluid in times of conflict, so I can continue to navigate my journey of life with the power of Water (as a metaphor) in mind?"

In my own, subjective, experience I tend to view this card as masculine in the energetic sense. The left hemisphere of the brain can be viewed as the more "masculine" side of mind...logic, linear thinking, 0's and 1's, that type of thing. A perfect answer to this question, as embracing the "left brain"/masculine part of mind during times of conflict can allow us to connect deeper to logic, so we are able to understand the importance of linear moments in nonlinear time. When we get caught in emotions, and the heat of the moment, feelings boil over and we usually wind up getting burned (in one way or another). Conflict can't always be codified, but if we remember to remain cool, calm, and collected - we can steer clear of disaster that can't be undone.

Card 5: "How can I best embody love as an action - a being, doing, seeing, feeling and revealing of my highest purpose for the benefit of all beings?"

Final card relates to harmonious relationship, and is a great way to synthesize the notion of love as an action. If we remember to create harmony, and seek harmony in all that we do, and transmit, we can transform not only our own life, but the lives of everyone we touch and spend time with. In the Kybalion, The Principle of Correspondence relates to the idea that there is always a correspondence between everything that exists within the phenomenal world and each plane of existence. Harmony is made, when we see how everything connects, and enjoy the "music" therein. Take note of the song your soul sings, and remember to harmonize with kindness, creativity, and compassion - and when that moment occurs, love becomes the rhythm, which everything connects to, and through. 

Jennifer SodiniComment