RECAP: Rythmia Presents Jennifer Sodini 8/11 - 8/18


“In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions: "When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop being comforted by the sweet territory of silence?” - Gabrielle Roth

This Monday, I arrived home after what was an incredibly transformative, perspective-shifting, miraculous week at Rythmia.

Almost a year ago, to the date, was my last time here teaching a workshop at Majesty (a female-only retreat). I arrived at that week a bit broken after an overwhelming trip through Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, which was both confusing, consciousness-expanding, and heart-breaking/opening all at once. Majesty offered healing, synchronicity, magic, hysterical laughter and a deep connection to Green Tara that I still carry in my heart to this day.

This time around, I arrived at #Rythmia yet again feeling broken, after a year of self-inquiry, up-leveling, evolving and expanding awareness of what was, is, and could be. Looking at trauma, identifying my patterns of imperfection, revelation through release.

I came into the week humble, and ready for ayahuasca to kick my ass.

Quite frankly I imagined LOTS of purging, and "getting well." But, what came up for me was beyond anything I imagined, as things tend to be when working with sacred medicines.

Expect less, accept more when it comes to ayahuasca!

The purge this week for me was laughter.

The lesson? Family transcends bloodline and is something you can build through a deep connection to souls on the same path. Chosen family is just as sacred as the family you've been handed through genetics.

However, boundaries are very important but don't allow those boundaries to become walls. Let the right ones in. Don't allow darkness to have access to your light.

The feeling? I speak often about the notion of "Love as the Superlative Human State", a topic I moderated a panel on at the last WITMA - Well-being in the Modern Age in Los Angeles. Yet, when the malignancy of sadness spreads, it's hard to connect to love as a space of awareness of self and "other."

When life's inevitable challenges come to the forefront, it's much easier to sink into fear, anger, resentment, apprehension, anxiety, and all of the dense emotions that paralyze us from being beings of loving awareness. This week reminded me of the Power of Love (cue "Back to the Future"). ;-)

The takeaway? Gratitude, gratitude, and more gratitude.

In 2013, when I first started Evolve and Ascend I met a friend that would change the course of my destiny, helping me connect to my own power as Jenn Sodini. Words cannot express the unconditional love and gratitude I have for my dear friend Benjamin W. Decker who made this connection to Rythmia, and has been a beautiful reflection in the cosmic mirror these last 6 years as we've traveled together to Egypt, Costa Rica and learned very much from one another.

The more we connect to our truth, the more we magnetize friends, relationships, opportunities, creativity, and states of flow consciousness that allow us to become who we've always been, by having the courage to step deeper into the authentic expression of who we TRULY are.

I sincerely value all of the moments that have allowed this moment to manifest, and for the milestone of the mindset that's emerged from these last few days. I will continue to gaze forward, allowing fear to walk with me, but not to control me.

I am forever changed.

I am forever humbled.

I am forever in awe.

I am forever grateful.

Join me at Rythmia this November for their first-ever LGBTQIA week!

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Symbols speak to the subconscious mind in ways that activate our senses, emotions, and perception of reality. We see a shape or color, and it automatically speaks to us in a way that transcends language but inspires action. 

The yin yang is a potent symbol, which reminds us of the inextricably linked balance of paired opposites. The rainbow of the LGBTQ+ flag automatically evokes the sense of safety, community, inclusivity, and allies. The peace sign is a universal reminder of hope, harmony, and goodwill.

The power of symbols effects (and affects) our everyday life, in ways that many have yet to awaken to. This workshop will empower you to awaken your abilities to cultivate energy towards your intentions, hopes, and greatest dreams by teaching you how to create and activate your very own unique, and deeply personal, sacred symbol.

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